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New server Apache Logo Not much going on here.

Notes on installing a large drive in an older laptop.

A few HAM Radio projects:
MSF5000 page
* January 2014 - Made changes to 800 and 900 to address the two types of synthesizers in use.
VHF is untested and likely broken.
* October 2013 - 800/900 features partialy working.
* June 2012 Update - New interest in the analog (CLB) MSF5000 produced breaking progress on decoding the eprom codeplug

Syntor-X page
Older project on programming a Syntor.

Midland page
Program to create and edit eprom images for 2716 based Midland radios. Compiles and runs under Linux. Math problems under DOS.
June 2010: noticed that CTCSS tones are incorrect. Beware of modified tone boards! Restore JP1 and 22K resistor on P903-3.
Priorty scan selection also incorrect.
November 2013: Worked on 800 MHz band